Autumn as a little kitten, she is just as sweet now as she was then. 

CFA Champion Ellie Belle

​Autumn as an adult:

Future Queen Giannasdolls Snowwhite

Kateri, our beautiful and elegant CFA Champion with an amazing pedigree. She is a seal lynx bicolor with gorgeous eyes. She also thinks she can play the piano!


Future Queen Giannasdolls Autumn

Gianna's Dolls Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Texas

Future Queen MyEpic Anais of Giannasdolls

Future Queen Cinnamonsky Lucy

Caprice has the most captivating deep blue eyes. Her beauty is only surpassed by the sweetness of her purrs and her meows. She often will sit at my feet meowing, waiting for me to hold her in my arms. There is no place in our house that we can go where Caprice will not follow us. She wants to be apart of any and everything. Sweetness is her middle name!

Please NOTE that we very RARELY sell breeder cats. Almost all our kittens are adopted as spayed/neutered pets. Occasionally we may consider selling a breeder kitten to an established cattery or one of our very close breeder friends.  

Future Queen USAPurrs Caprice

Welcome to Gianna's Dolls Cattery, where we breed Ragdoll kittens in Austin, Texas. We have healthy, beautiful, loving Ragdoll kittens for sale in Texas. We are centrally located in Austin near Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.  

Belle Vie is a loving and affectionate girl that can't stop parading around the house with her tail held high. She loves any attention she can get with a wonderful disposition for being held and cuddled. She has a beautiful full bunny coat that does not matte. 

Aspen is the most playful girl we have. She is also very affectionate and has incredible deep blue eyes. She is a seal lynx colorpoint. She is now retired and has found a home where she can be adored for her sweetness and the abundance of love she has to give.

CFA Champion Belle Vie

CFA Champion Matilda Blue

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 Gianna's Dolls Breeder of Ragdoll kittens Site updated on Jan 2nd, 2018

Autumn is the daughter of Belle Vie and Hero. She is a Seal lynx tortie (torbie) bicolor. She has one pink ear and one brown ear, which has made her stand out from the start. In addition, her tail has pink and brown striping. She knows how cute she is because she tells us with the swagger in her tail when we pet her. But what sends us head over heals is her personality. She melts in your arms. She loves to do "air muffins" while she lays on your lap upside down. She just has a very sweet countenance and adores us, which of course makes us adore her even more! We can't wait to see her kittens some day.

More photos of Anais will be coming soon! 

Stunning CFA Champion Matilda Blue. She has amazing eye color, brilliant blue. Photos don't do her justice. She is a blue mitted.

CFA and  TICA Champion Kateri

Our Queens

This is our precious Ellie Belle. A CFA Champion and best under the cover cuddler we know! She has an amazing bunny coat, and stunning coloring. She is a blue mitted torbie (also called a blue lynx mitted tortie).

Lucy has intense, loving eyes that speak volumes. She has a delicate pink nose, and loves to roll over for a tummy rub. She is a blue bicolor with a perfect V. We can't wait to see her babies, and hope to see those beautiful eyes in her kittens. 

Snowwhite is the daughter of Matilda Blue and Solomon. Her color is striking and rare. She is a lilac mitted and we are so excited to see her babies in the future. Her favorite pastime is doing the well known Ragdoll "flop", laying upside down in front of you with her legs in the air and her head up to see if you are watching. She is the most elegant Ragdoll we have at Giannasdolls. 

Lucy as an adult and as a kitten.

Aspen and Fawna cuddling together