Welcome to Gianna's Dolls Cattery, where we breed Ragdoll kittens in Austin, Texas. We have healthy, beautiful, loving Ragdoll kittens for sale in Texas. We are centrally located in Austin near Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.  

I am a graduate of both G1 and G2 courses from the Paw Peds Academy. These courses are an educational program for cat breeders. The health and happiness of my cats is my number one priority, and educating ones self on the most current research is so important for a responsible breeder. Please click on the banner to learn more about what Paw Academy is about. 

BREAKING NEWS  - Blake from our wonderful breeder and friend Carol of Adorabledolls in California has joined us! Please see his photos under "Kings." He is gorgeous and sweet as ever! He will be a future king, but his show career comes first. His first show as a kitten will be in Mesquite at the end of July. So very excited!!! 

If you are interested in a kitten from us, please email me giannasdolls@gmail.com or private message me on my facebook page @giannasdolls by clicking HERE.

Ellie Belle and Hero are Parents! Mama is taking to nursing her one singleton baby so well. We have named the little singleton kitten "Story" and she is one big girl.


These guys are great examples of what floppy Ragdoll kittens should be: cute, relaxed, and loving kitten life.

Sweet pregnant girl Matilda Blue, asking for a belly rub.

This is Kateri nursing her boys at 9 weeks. She is a good Mama. After she feeds them she runs around chasing them and teaching them proper kitty playing techniques. :)


These guys will be ready for their forever homes sometime in February to the beginning of March.

BREAKING NEWS  Matilda Blue gave birth to 5 gorgeous Texas Ragdoll kittens in April of 2018!

If you are interested in a kitten from us, please email me giannasdolls@gmail.com or private message me on my facebook page @giannasdolls by clicking HERE.

Pregnant, relaxing on the kitchen table! We watch all of our cats and kittens carefully, but especially our Mamas as they near their due date. 

Autumn's Ragdoll Kittens were absolutely amazing! Our highest award winning cats Blake and Autumn had kittens and they were reserved immediately! We plan to do this breeding again in the future. These two amazing Parents were awarded some of the highest achievements a cat can earn in TICA for 2019 due to their incredibly loving, laidback, docile nature and playful temperament at the shows. Not to mention they are absolutely gorgeous too! 

We have Ragdoll kittens for sale in Texas!!! Please see our available kittens page. :)

Kateri with one of her boys. This boy is reserved. 1/26/2018

Some of my beloved babies cuddling with me before leaving to their forever homes.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Autumn and Blake had their Ragdoll kittens! Only two of these sweethearts are left. Cuddly, sweet, and gorgeous. We can not keep up with the demand for these wonderful family members. 

Please see our available kittens page for information on the adoption process of one of our Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Austin and San Antonio Texas. :)

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This is Autumn, TICA 2019 Best seal tortie bicolor Ragdoll of the year! We love our Ragdoll kittens!

First sneak peek at Matilda Blue's new babies. So adorable and small!

Paw Peds Course G1

Love to play with these Ragdoll babies! They will be going to their new homes in March 2018.

12/18/2017 I'm so in love with these guys. So hard to let them leave, but I also know they are going to wonderful families that will love them just as much as I have, if not more!

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Do you have another cat already at home? Click on this link to go to an excellent article about kitten introduction to cats already at home. 

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